National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF

National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF

National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF is a competency-based framework is being anchored and operationalized by The National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) which is a part of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship(MSDE)

Before we share the salient features of NSQF, let us first understand the need for such framework.

  • In India, general education and vocational education have been operating in separate verticals with almost no convergence. The importance given to general education is very high as compared to vocational education.
  • Youth and their parents still consider general education as the solution to their problems and as the surest way to secure a job and get a decent life. Their perception towards vocational education is negative when they compare it with higher qualifications and degrees, completely ignoring the inability of competency and skill development through the latter.
  • Focus on input and teacher-centric education and training has resulted in the absence of outcome based approach.
  • Absence of pathways of learning and progression especially in vocational education and training makes vertical and horizontal mobility difficult and unclear.
  • Problem in establishing the equivalence of certificates/diplomas and degrees as the courses offered by different institutions in different parts of the country differ in duration, curriculum, entry level and nomenclature.
  • Absence of a framework to recognize and certify skills acquired in the informal sector as majority of the currently employed workforce in India has acquired skills informally.
  • Majority of Indian qualifications and certifications do not align with their foreign equivalents and are not recognized internationally.
  • Absence of credit accumulation and transfer mechanism that takes away the convenience, continuity and flexibility from general and vocational education.

Understanding the need and urgency to solve the above-stated issues, National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF, was notified on 27th December 2013.

National Skills qualification Framework NSQF  is a competency-based framework that organizes qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude. NSQF is outcome based and learning-centric framework. Each level of NSQF is defined and described in terms of competency level that needs to be achieved.

NSQF is outcome based and learning-centric framework. Each level of NSQF is defined and described in terms of competency level that needs to be achieved.

The levels are defined in terms of learning outcomes which the learner must possess regardless of whether they are obtained through formal, non-formal or informal learning. Level 1 is entry level and 10 is the highest.

Each level is described by a statement of learning outcomes in five domains named as level descriptors. They are:

Process: General summary of the other four domains corresponding to the level

Professional Knowledge: It is the knowledge in terms of kind, depth, breadth and complexity of the subject that the person should know and understand about a job at a particular level.

Core Skills: It is the ability of a person to do and use the methods, materials, tools and instruments to perform a particular job at a given level

Professional Skills: Cognitive, creative, communication, interpersonal and soft skills required to successfully contribute to the workplace

Responsibility: The degree of supervision that needs to be exercised over the person while performing the job. As the level increases from 1 to 10, the supervision exercised over the person reduces and he, in turn, becomes capable of supervising others work.

The objective of National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF is to:

  • Accommodate the diversity of the Indian education and training systems.
  • Allow the development of a set of qualifications for each level based on outcomes that are accepted across the nation
  • Provide structure for development and maintenance of progression pathways which provide access to qualifications and assist people to move easily and readily between different education and training sectors and between those sectors and the labour market.
  • Give individuals an option to progress through education and training and gain recognition of their prior learning and experiences.
  • Underpin national regulatory and quality assurance arrangements for education and training.
  • Support and enhance the national and international mobility of persons with NSQF-compliant qualifications through increased recognition of the value and comparability of Indian qualifications.
  • Facilitate the award and transfer of credits and progression routes within the Indian education and training systems.

Implementation of National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF

The National Skills Qualification Framework provides for a five-year implementation schedule that is further divided as

Post 3rd year of notification i.e 27.12.2016

  1. Government funding would not be available for any educational/training programme or course which is not NSQF compliant
  2. All Government funded training and educational institutions shall define eligibility criteria for admission to courses they offer in terms of NSQF levels
  3. The recruitment rules of Government of India, PSUs, State Governments and their PSUs shall be amended to define eligibility criteria for all positions in terms of NSQF levels.

Post 5th year of notification i.e 27.12.2018

  1. It shall be mandatory for all training/educational programmes and courses to be NSQF compliant.
  2. All training and educational institutions shall define eligibility criteria for admission to various courses in terms of NSQF levels.

If you are a Training Provider or a Training Centre offering skill development courses,kindly ensure compliance to the Government notification by aligning your courses to National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF.

The Author is an expert in content alignment with National Skills Qualification Framework NSQF.In case you need assistance in aligning your curriculum and content with NSQF,please contact with the subject line “Assistance in curriculum alignment with NSQF “

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